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STS Research

Mission Statement

The purpose of STS Hawaii is to exchange information, particularly information in the field of radio and electronics.

What this website is NOT

STS Hawaii is not a business. You will not find advertising here. You may find links to businesses that I or others have used. These are not endorsements, simply information you may find useful. I do not receive royalties from any of these businesses.

What this website IS

STS Hawaii is a place to store information and resources for use in the operation, analysis, and design of amateur radio and other electronic projects. I retain the right to post or not post information, and I ask those interested in contributing information to contact me by email.

What does STS stand for?

STS can stand for whatever you like. Here are few examples: “Simple Telecommunications System,” something I previously designed, “Simple Technological Solutions,” or “Simply Tom Simon,” my favorite. Email me if you have suggestions;-)

I hope you find STS Research useful.

Tom Simon, PhD, NM7TS

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